Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vanhoozer at the Vangard II

Wow! This is such a fresh framing of things. I never thought of imagination as the faculty which supplies the conceptual glue for holding cognitive things together. You probably have to be a Myers-Briggs ‘N’-type data gatherer (as opposed to an ‘S’–type) though to appreciate the categories.

“[T]he imagination enables us to see the parts of the Bible as forming a meaningful whole. But we can go further still. The imagination also enables us to see our lives a[s] part of that same meaningful whole. This is absolutely crucial. Christians don't need more information about the Bible, trivial or otherwise. What the church needs today is the ability to indwell or inhabit the text, the ability to make the Bible serve as the framework through which we interpret God, the world, and ourselves.”

Never thought about it that way.

(HT: The Christian Mind)

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